New England/Canada Cruise on the Celebrity Summit
10/5/13 to 10/19/13

Due to the length of the review, it is in four parts to help with the download time. The links to the other pages are at the top and bottom of the page.

Page 1  -  Pre-cruise in New York City, NY and Ship

Page 2  - Cabin, Dining; Entertainment; Activities; Ports of: Portland, ME; Bar Harbor, ME; Halifax, Nova Scotia

Page 3  -  Ports of: Sydney, Nova Scotia; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; Quebec City, Canada Day 1

Page 4  -  Ports of:  Quebec City, Canada Day 2; Gaspé, Canada



We booked cabin 8147, which was a Concierge Class cabin.  On the S Class ships, the Concierge Class cabins are the same price as the normal balcony cabins; but the M class Concierge cabins are about 3 feet deeper than the standard.  That coupled with the extra Captain’s Club point I needed to be eligible for the next status level when it is announced at a later point, was a good enough reason for me to book it.  The cabin’s location was also pretty good between the middle and aft elevators.  The extra three feet makes a big difference in the size of the cabin.  It felt much roomier than the standard balcony cabins.


We were particularly impressed with the comfort of the beds.  Normally Carol orders an egg crate mattress cover, but she didn't need one on this cruise.  They were really great mattresses.  There was plenty of closet room and we were able to easily put our three large suitcases under the bed.

The bathroom was arranged very nicely and did not feel too crowded.  It had the vinyl shower curtain, which I am not normally a fan of; but with the large shower area, it was fine.


We have chosen cabins with larger balconies on prior cruises; which has worked out great.  For this cruise, since we knew it would be cooler, it wasn’t a priority.  I still couldn’t believe how small it was and I'm glad we never wanted to use it, other than to take a few photos.   The view down to the ocean wasn't that good; but the front view was fine.



As mentioned earlier, we did have some minor maintenance issues with our cabin.  The above photo shows that our hand rail needed some TLC.  The ones below us were even worse.  The only maintenance issue that was a frustration was the very loose door handle that had been fixed in a sloppy way.  I repeatedly tightened the screws; but they kept getting loose.  I also thought that they could have patched the bathroom door where the hangers had been moved; as well as paint the exterior light.


We loved our cabin attendant Gatot and his assistant Bagus, both from Indonesia.  They couldn’t do enough for us and were always there when we needed something.  Quite an accomplishment considering they had 22 cabins to attend to.  Even though they had been working greatly extended hours during the previous and current cruise due to the Norovirus prevention measures, they were always in good moods with smiles on their faces.  That is except for when Gatot just couldn’t produce his normal big smile when I wanted to take a photo.

Gatot                                             Bagus


We prefer early fixed seating for dinner, so we won’t be eating so late and we can go to the show right after dinner.  Our friends felt the same way, so we were all at the same table.  The variety and quality of food was about the same as always, very good.  There were some items that weren’t perfect for us and others that were outstanding; but taste is subjective.  I was not thrilled with the dessert selections many nights and ended up getting something from the available every day menu, like Apple Pie, Crème Brule or ice cream.  The soups also weren’t as good as they used to be; but the appetizers, salads and main meals were fine.

With the enhanced norovirus prevention procedures, it was a burden on our waiter, Mani from India and the assistant waitress Adelayda from the Dominican Republic.  They had to pass out bread and butter for almost the whole cruise rather than having the bread basket on the table; as well as giving us salt and pepper when needed.  But they did fine and were always friendly, helpful and smiling.

Mani                                                      Adelayda

The people working in the buffet had a much heavier burden, since they had plastic wrap totally covering passenger access to the food for most of the cruise, and people couldn’t serve themselves.  This meant that if you wanted silverware, napkin, plate or any food, they had to serve it to you.  Additionally, someone had to pour your coffee or other drinks for you.  It was very frustrating; but more so for the staff than the passengers. 

I wasn’t very happy with the small selection on the buffet.  There just weren’t that many main courses available.  Perhaps I have been spoiled by the much larger selection on the S Class ships.



Our Cruise Director was Alexander Yepremian from New York City.  He was a very young CD, but he had a great personality.  He was very likeable and constantly around the ship meeting and talking with passengers.  One person from the audience in the theater one day when Alexander was taking questions, remarked that he reminded him of Johnny Carson.  He does have that kind of personality that makes you like and care about him.  He is a very good CD now, but has the potential to become a great one.  He was a winner!

We had some very good entertainment for the cruise.  Probably the best we have had on any Celebrity cruise.

Performers -

Mark Preston of the Lettermen was a real treat.  He sang some of their songs and others.  He still has a great voice and the audience loved him.  He came back later in the cruise and did an afternoon show that was well attended.


We had just seen Gary Arbuthnot, who is a flautist, on our recent Baltic cruise, so I didn’t go see him again.  He was very good; but we had other things going on that night.  The below photo was from our previous cruise.

Ryan Joyce is a magician.  He did some tricks with cards, rope and other accessories.  He was very good at what he did; but there was too much time between each trick.  He dragged them out too long.  I enjoyed him; but would have liked to see more of what he could do.


Celebrity has a “54 Below program”, which brings Broadway stars to the Summit.  For our cruise we had former Dukes of Hazard actor, Tom Wopat.  He has apparently been doing Broadway for some time, since his acting career dried up.  He wasn’t very good.  His voice was rough and he had a bad attitude.


His first song was sung acapella, and he does not have the voice to do that. Then during his next song he sang for the first part, then the band had a section when they were playing before he started singing again.  During that time, he actually stood with his back to the audience talking to one of the bandmembers.  Then when he turned around to finish singing, it wasn’t good.   He acted like he was really doing us a favor being there.  It was insulting.  I just didn’t like him and apparently I wasn’t the only one.  I left well before the show was over, which is something I rarely do.  A lot of people got up and left.  The next night we had a great performance by another act.  When the Cruise Director Alexander comes on stage after an act has performed, he always says, “He was good, right?”  After the following night’s performance when he asked the question, someone yelled out from the audience “Better than last night”.  The crowd roared and clapped in agreement.  It was hilarious.

The group that was so good after Wopat was Band Artistique.  It is difficult to describe what they did.  There was some singing, but most of it was comedy.  On their website,, they describe their act as “An idiotic alliance between juggling, opera and clowns.”  A good description.  They had previously worked with Cirque du Soleil and are just a pleasure to watch.  Their expressions while doing their act are priceless.  This was probably the most unique act we have ever seen on any cruise ship.  If you ever have a chance to see Band Artistique, do not miss them.



The first night we were in Quebec a local dance group, La Compagnie De Danse , came onto the ship to perform for those people that were not enjoying the night life in Quebec.  They were a talented group of people; but the music and type of dance wasn’t my cup of tea.


I had seen Doug Cameron last year while on a Hawaii cruise.  He was outstanding then and he was even better on this cruise.  He plays a violin; but oh does he play it.  He really gets into the music and the audience is right there with him.  He gave a jazz concert with the Celebrity Band in the Rendez Vous Lounge a few days later to a standing room only audience.  He was great once again.


I like comedians and was thrilled that we had one on the cruise.  Louis Johnson was a great comedian.  He has been seen on many TV shows and even had a Showtime “Comic of the Month” special.  He had some great routines and was very funny.  He had the crowd in stitches.  The next night he did a late night comedy show for adults only.  Not an issue on this cruise.  It was a full house and just hilarious.  I am now a Louis Johnson fan.



Travis Turpin is a Broadway and country western singer.  Based on his performance, he does it all.  He sang a wide variety of music and was a hit with the audience.


Production Shows -

iHollywood was billed as “music from the silver screen to blockbusters of today”.  We were fortunate to have a very good group of singers and dancers.  In addition to some great singing and dancing, the show included a performance by a Russian aerialists act that was sensational.  They performed in each of the three production shows and amazed us each time. 





Sirens was called “a night of burlesque and fantasy”.  The music and dancing was very good, like all their shows; but for some reason they had some type of a plot that was difficult to follow.  Since the plot wasn’t necessary to the enjoyment of the production, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  The costumes were both very colorful and most revealing at times.  It was entertaining.




The Stars in their Eyes production focused around different well known performers' works.  The singers would come out as different singers like Lady Gaga and Abba.  Once again the costumes were quite nice; but one was unusually revealing.





With the normal show for the last nightly entertainment of the cruise being a wrap up show, the performers put on their own show during the afternoon.  They called it Broadway@Sea.  They sang songs from old and new Broadway shows. The singers each picked out songs they wanted to sing for the show.  They really put their heart into the songs and did a great job.  The audience was on their feet for them. 



Near the end of the afternoon show, CD Alexander announced that he would perform with the singers.  Apparently he used to be a production show singer four years ago and moved up the ladder to being a CD.  He was just outstanding.  It was a great way to finish the excellent entertainment we had seen over the two weeks.




Celebrity Connections Party – We had a very large group participating in our Cruise Critic roll call,  Celebrity sets up an event for ships that have at least 25 people signed up for the party.  We had around 100 people signed up, so the party was held in the large Revelations Lounge.  We had all of the ship’s officers attend including Captain Theodoros Zakkas, Hotel Director Peter Nodal, Cruise Director Alexander Yepremian and all the other major players.  This was our first opportunity to meet them and they were all just very friendly and pleasant people.  The captain had a very good sense of humor and would show it during his many announcements during the cruise.  I ran into the Hotel Director several times during the cruise and he just seemed to be a very warm and sincere person that was genuinely concerned about the passengers.

      Captain Theodoros Zakkas                 Hotel Director Peter Nodal            Cruise Director Alexander Yepremian

We got to meet a lot of the people that we had been communicating with from the roll call, some for over a year.  Unfortunately, with so many people in attendance, it was difficult to meet everyone.  But it was a very nice get together and we appreciated Celebrity putting forth a great effort to make us feel welcome on the ship.



Captain’s Club events – There were several Celebrity Captain's Club events for those that had reached the Select and Elite levels.  They all included free drinks, hors d'oeuvres and greetings by the ships officers.  Since there were around 1,000 people in these categories, they were well attended.  With the large crowd, they couldn’t serve everyone adequately.  We totally missed out on drinks at one of the events and hors d'oeuvres on others. 

We were fortunate to have three Captains Club Hostesses for the cruise.  Melissa was on her last cruise before a vacation.

She was handing her duties over to Ashley and her assistant Marlene, who would greet the Elite cruisers each night before their cocktail hour.  They were just too sweet and friendly.  I hope they will be on our future cruises.

Beyond the Podium – We had Smithsonian Journeys speaker Ed Laine provide several talks during the cruise about the climate and the Earth.  He was very interesting and knowledgeable.  He was able to put very complicated information into a form that everyone could understand.  His talks were presented in the theater and there was always a good crowd for them.

Behind the Stage Door: Q&A with the Production Cast – Just before the Broadway@Sea show where the singers sang the songs they wanted to sing, there was an informal Q&A with two of the singers and three of the dancers with Alexander moderating.  It was so nice to hear about what their aspirations were and what they thought about their jobs.  It really allowed everyone to make a connection with the performers.  I wish it had been done earlier in the cruise, so we would have known a bit more about the people that were entertaining us at the time.

Port Lecture – I normally don’t mention the port lecturer; but Marco did such a great job, I wanted to give him credit.  I have seen some port lecturers that just try to get the passengers to go to certain stores or sign up for specific excursions.  I don’t need that type of information.  Instead Marco actually provided information about the port, the terminal and how to get around on your own; as well as important sites to visit in the area.  He has a very positive attitude and is even able to communicate unfavorable information in a way that makes it seem positive.  He did a very good job of making us feel lucky that we would be using a dock in Quebec that was out of town rather than the main terminal.  He explained that we would save a lot of walking by being at the smaller terminal because a bus would pick us up directly instead of our having to walk the maze and length of the main terminal.  When telling us that the excursions in Gaspé would be in school busses, he extolled the benefits of that by telling us that we could relive our childhood.  He could put a positive spin on anything.  He was a real pleasure.


Ports of Call
Portland, Maine
After a relaxing day at sea, we pulled into the Portland, Maine dock.  The weather forecast for the first few ports didn’t look very encouraging and unfortunately it looked like the Portland forecast for rain was going to be accurate.  I hate when that happens.  There was a light rain and light fog.  Not the best touring weather.

I thought it strange that there were so many old dock pilings near the active docks.  It seems like it would be a hazard to leave them there.


The view into town looked rather dreary.

We had decided to take a ship tour that would show us the highlights of Portland and go to Kennebunkport.  As we left the Summit, right next to us on the dock was a huge private yacht named the Rising Sun.  It is the 10th largest yacht in the world and was originally purchased by Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison at a cost of $200,000,000.  The 453 foot long yacht has 82 rooms.  It is currently owned by media tycoon, David Geffen.  Needless to say, it was quite impressive.  I wanted to take more photos of it; but would have to wait till we got back from our tour.

We had a very nice tour guide named Diane.  She had a great personality and was very enthusiastic about the area. 

As soon as we left the dock area, the fog got really thick.  We couldn’t see anything at all.  Below is a photo from a bridge we were crossing.  Then we passed by a light house that was very close, so we could almost see it.


We really felt sorry for poor Diane, since she was trying to describe what we were supposed to be seeing; but it was hopeless.  We didn’t see much of Portland.  Diane told us that the Portland area gets about five very heavy fog days a year; and we were experiencing one of them. After about a 40 minute drive in the fog, we came to the Portland Breakwater Light.  It is in Bug Light Park and the lighthouse is referred to as Bug Light, due to its short stature.  The fog was thinning some, so we were at least able to get a photo of it.  Since we had missed several other lighthouse photo opps, we hoped this meant that things were getting better.

Our next destination was to Fort Williams Park to see the Portland Head Light.  This was a very special lighthouse, since its construction was commissioned by George Washington in 1787.  It is described as the most photographed lighthouse in the world.  When we arrived, the fog had lifted a bit; but that was because it had turned into heavier rain.  Diane said anyone who wanted to, could get off the bus to take photos.  I grabbed my umbrella and headed to the lighthouse.  Like he would do the rest of the trip, Hans also got off for the photo opp.  Like me, Hans doesn’t want to miss seeing anything when on a tour.  He is a real trooper! 

There is a large lovely house adjoining the lighthouse.  The lighthouse itself is 80 ft. tall. 


I was most impressed with the coastline.  It was just gorgeous with the waves crashing against the rocks.


It was a very pretty area and probably made prettier by the bad weather stirring up the seas.

We got back in the bus and drove to Kennebunkport.  It would take an hour and a half to get there.  It was close to 1:00 PM and everyone was ready for lunch.  At least most of the fog had disappeared. During our planning we had read about a restaurant called the Clam Shack,  On their website there are several videos.  One shows a piece from the Travel Channel’s Food Wars program, where the Clam Shack won the best lobster roll in Kennebunkport.  Another one shows all the work that they put into making the specialty of the house.  Our mouths had been watering for months before the cruise just thinking about eating at the Clam Shack.  I was pleased that there wasn’t a very long line.  The restaurant isn’t much to look at; but we were there for the food.  They have a seafood store next door where you can sit down and eat your lunch or there are a couple of benches outside.


The lobster rolls cost $16.75 each; but from all the reviews, they were worth it.  Each roll has all the meat from a single one pound lobster on it.  The reviews were right, the lobster rolls were great. 

After lunch we walked around the lovely town of Kennebunkport.  What a gorgeous place!  It is a very quaint little New England shore town.


I really liked the way the town had flowers on the bridge; as well as other places around town. 


One food item that I had been told I had to have while in Maine was blueberry pie.  Our guide Diane had told us that the blueberries in the area were particularly sweet and smaller than normal blueberries. I chose to try some at Allison’s Restaurant,  This was the restaurant that the Clam Shack competed against and beat.  Since they are also known for their lobster and other seafood, there was a line to get in.  I didn’t want to wait in a line, which would waste too much time.  As I was leaving, someone asked if they could eat at the bar.  What a great idea!  I followed their lead. 

The blueberry pie was served with a two small scoops of vanilla ice cream.  Just way too sinful; but oh so good.  The Maine blueberries were very tasty.

Since I was the only one of our group to get the blueberry pie, I relayed to them what a wonderful treat they had missed.  They weren’t happy to hear they had missed out on it.

We had plenty of time to walk around Kennebunkport and visit the many souvenir shops.  We enjoyed our visit quite a bit.

We got back on the bus for our last destination, the George H. W. Bush summer home.  We wouldn’t be able to stop to get off the bus and take photos due to security restrictions.  So we had to take pictures from the bus; which wasn’t the ideal way.  But at least the driver went very slowly on the road.

On our return to the Summit, the view was much better than it had been in the morning.

I was particularly glad to be able to get a nice view of the Rising Sun yacht we had seen that morning.  After a disappointing start, the day had turned out to be most enjoyable.



Bar Harbor, ME

We were thrilled when we opened the curtain in the morning to the sun.  It made the bay area look so pretty.

Bar Harbor was one of two tender ports we would have on the cruise.  Since we had a fairly early tour scheduled, there was no waiting to get on the tender.  We were quickly on land and walking around the beautiful harbor area.  It was a much prettier place than I had expected it to be.


There were lots of restaurants.  They all looked like they would be worth trying.


It was also the first place we had seen some fall colors.


We had booked a tour for the day with Oli’s Trolley,  We were supposed to have a tour that stopped in Acadia National Park.  Unfortunately, we would not be able to visit the park because of the government shutdown.  It was very disappointing.  Oli’s Trolley had set up an alternative route to show us the area.  The ticket booth where we had to turn in our on-line voucher was down the street from where the tender docked.  The booth was a small copy of the real trolley.

Our tour guide/driver for the day was Paula.  She was a wealth of knowledge and very informative. 

The bus was comfortable; but the windows were not the best for taking photos.  As a result, I didn’t get too many useable shots through the windows. 

We did get to drive through a section of Acadia National Park.  We couldn’t stop, but Paula did drive slowly for us.


Continuing the drive we did see some more fall colors; but it was still early in the season for the Bar Harbor area.


We stopped near a small harbor for a restroom break.  It was probably the nicest spot we had come to so far.


Continuing our drive, we could see Cadillac Mountain in Acadia from a distance.  I am sure the view would have been better from the mountain.

Further on we stopped at a small beach.  There was lots of seaweed all around on the beach.  Hans must have still been hungry.


Carol and Barbara posed for a shot.

We then drove to a cemetery, where we could stop and take some photos.  Paula was struggling to find something for us to do with the main Bar Harbor attraction not being available.  But I will say, the cemetery area was a lovely place to stop.  In addition to the brightly colored trees, there were lots of colorful berries.



When the tour ended, it was time for lunch.  I had done some research on which restaurants to go to.  We went to a couple of the more popular restaurants on the waterfront; but they had long waiting lines.  We then walked up the street to Geddy’s,  It is a pretty easy restaurant to find with the large lobster claws on the front and moose on the top of the roof.  It is a historical themed restaurant with walls covered in memorabilia. 


I got the whole lobster, since that is the thing to do when in Maine.  Carol got the crab roll; which she liked better than the lobster roll she had the day before, since she prefers crab over lobster.  All the others were finally able to get their blueberry pie.  I didn’t tell them that it wasn’t as good as the previous days; although it was still good.  Perhaps Allison’s pie was better since it was my first.

After doing some shopping in the many available stores, we went back to the ship.  I wouldn’t mind coming back to Bar Harbor for a few days, since it is lovely town and I would like to visit Acadia.  The sail away was nice since there were many islands to look at.  Everyone was amazed at how many lobster trap buoys were floating in the water.  They were everywhere.  I would think they would be run over regularly by all the boating activity.



Halifax, Nova Scotia

We arrived in Halifax with another beautiful weather day ahead of us.  Once again the temperature was going to be in the high 60’s and mostly sunny.  We were quite glad because we had a very full day of touring ahead of us.  We had booked a full day’s tour with Andy Smith of Tattle Tours,  We thought it would be particularly fun since Andy was also an actor in addition to being a tour guide. We were right.  He was an excellent guide and a real pleasure to spend the day with. 

In addition to the type tour we were taking, he also does ghost walks.  I bet he does a great job with them.  We were pleased when he told us that he had acted in an episode of one of our favorite TV shows, Haven on the Syfi channel.

Unfortunately our friends Jerry and Diane had to miss the tour, since Diane wasn’t feeling well.  We hated that they couldn’t come, since it would be such a great port visit.  But at least it did provide for a lot more room in the van for the rest of us.

Andy wanted to show us around the Halifax area before heading to our main destinations.  We saw lots of lovely homes on the tree lined streets.

He drove us up to the top of the hill to the Citadel, a fort that was established in 1749.  It was a great view of the city; but we didn’t stop for photos, since we had a busy schedule ahead.


On our drive to our first destination, Peggy’s Cove, we passed by some very nice scenery.  The foliage was looking good and there were beautiful bodies of water to look at on the way. 



We passed an interesting little shack with lobster traps sitting around it.

The further we drove the terrain began changing considerably.  There were lots of massive rock formations all around.  The area was just gorgeous.  So peaceful.


A little further down the road we came to Peggy’s Cove.  I had heard so much about this little village before the cruise.  Before we got into the main town, Andy took us by the Nova Scotia Fisherman’s Monument.  It is a 100 foot piece of granite with fisherman, wives and children carved on it with a guardian angel to the left.  The wings are supposed to be protecting the fishermen and their families. 


We got back in the van and right around the corner was the tranquil village of Peggy's Cove.


In the background we could get our first glimpse of the small lighthouse. 

Before going to the lighthouse, Andy took us nearby to a restroom that was much less busy than the public one at the lighthouse.  We got to get some photos of Hans and Barbara with Andy.

The whole area is covered in granite and could be quite treacherous to walk on if it had been wet.  The tranquility of the area was a bit compromised with all the other tourists that had also arrived.  Most of them were heading for the store/restaurant and crowded restrooms. 


Hans and I walked out to the lighthouse.  It was a nice view of the coastline; but there is a lot to say for those times when bad weather makes for a better photo.  I can imagine that dark clouds and huge waves crashing into the land would be quite a sight.  But I wasn’t complaining.  We were enjoying the beautiful weather.


Andy told us that people have been pulled into the ocean and died, since some waves can crash in over the top of the lighthouse.  Even during a mild storm, the waves can come up quite high.  I would hope that people heeded the sign on the lighthouse.

We left the village and stopped at a spot where we could take photos of the Swissair Flight 111 Memorial.  The plane crash occurred in September 1998 in the bay off Peggy’s Cove.  229 people lost their lives.  We didn’t have time to drive up to the monument, but did see it from behind.  It is actually two separate monuments that form a triangle.

Close by we got photos of an interesting home.  It is owned by Ivan Frasier, who is a writer and artist.  He wrote the book Peggy of the Cove.  Andy told us that if we went in the house Ivan would probably be there and tell us all about the area and tell us many stories.  From looking at TripAdvisor reviews, people thoroughly enjoy the experience.  It is quite a place just from the outside.  As we passed by the house, Andy pointed out the painting of Peggy on the garge in the back of the house.


Our primary destination for the day was the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lunenberg.  Like the rest of the trip had been, the drive there was just lovely.  We stopped outside the town to get an across the water photo of the brightly colored buildings.


In addition to visiting the historic town, we had also planned to have lunch with Sebelle and her friend Susan.  Sebelle graduated with Carol and they have known each other since Kindergarten.  Sebelle and Susan own a bed & breakfast in Lunenberg, which we had hoped to visit for years.  Although we wouldn’t get to stay there, we at least hoped we would have time to visit it.  Sebelle had recommended that we eat at the Rum Runner Inn and Restaurant,  It was a lovely building in a nice setting.


With the season coming to a close at the ports we were visiting, some of the restaurants had already closed.  The Rum Runner would be closing for the season the next day, so they didn’t have everything listed on their menu.  But what they did have was very good.  It also had a nice atmosphere and friendly service. We had a great time catching up with friends.

Andy told us that after lunch we would have time to visit Sebelle and Susan’s B&B, Atlantic Sojourn,  Before we drove over there, Andy wanted to show us the Bluenose II.  It is a remake of the ship that is the provincial icon of Nova Scotia.  It had been having maintenance done on it in Lunenberg.  He also showed us the back of the Canadian dime which has an image of the Bluenose on it.  A beautiful vessel indeed.

Close by was the Atlantic Sojourn B&B.  Like so many other buildings in the area it was brightly colored.

The inside was decorated very tastefully and had a very homey comfortable feel to it. 


From the reviews on TripAdvisor, Sebelle and Susan do an awesome job of customer service; which has resulted in the B&B receiving the Certificate of Excellence Award.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay very long visiting with our friends. 

Susan             Carol         Sebelle      

Even though we weren’t finished touring for the day, we decided that the Halifax/Lunenberg area deserved a lot more time than we were able to give it.  There were so many lovely places to see and interesting sites to visit.  Hopefully we will be able to return and stay awhile with Sebelle and Susan in the future.

After we left the B&B, Andy drove us around Lunenberg showing some of the buildings and telling us all about the town.  It was a lovely town and we really wish we could have spent the whole day there.



Our last destination for the day would be Mahone Bay.  Andy had told us that he had been there over the weekend with another tour group.  The place was very crowded with cars and they reportedly had 10,000 visitors for the Annual Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival and Antique Fair.  The numerous scarecrows started to appear as soon as we entered the town and they were all over the place. 


Some people are so creative.  Along with very large displays, some of them were quite funny.




The Mahone Bay area itself was also quite pretty.


While we stopped to shop and get some ice cream, Andy got to relax and catch up on his email.

The rest of us went over to a gazebo close by.


The drive back to Halifax was also pleasant with the fall colors, hilly terrain and many lakes along the way.  We were really enjoying Nova Scotia.  Just a gorgeous place.


After we got back on the ship, I went to the upper decks to get a last look at the beautiful area we had visited.  Across from the Summit was a small lighthouse with a sailboat passing by.  A nice finish to a wonderful day of touring.


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